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Search is constantly evolving, and you need to stay ahead of the game. With our expert SEO services, you can ensure that your business stays relevant and visible to potential customers.


In the old days of local SEO, in order to rank for a certain keyword (let’s say, “Solar company in Glenside”) you’d have to spend a week or so building a page for that term and then wait several months for it to show up in the search results. With our SEOGuarantee™ SEO approach, we target hundreds of keywords all at once and get you to page 1 within a matter of weeks, not months or years.

THE RANKGUARANTEE™ SEO TIMELINE Our SEO strategy kicks off with a focus on targeting up to 1,000 "low-hanging fruit" search terms. Typically, our clients start seeing results with over 100 of these keywords ranking within the initial 45 days. Here's how we make it happen:

**Week 1:** We begin by collaborating with you to compile a list of relevant keywords and the specific cities within your service area. For instance, this could include terms like "solar," "panel upgrade," and "electrical contractor," paired with locations such as "Salt Lake City," "South Jordan," and "West Valley."

**Weeks 2-3:** Following this, we craft dedicated landing pages, each optimized for a unique keyword + area combination. These pages are turbocharged for SEO, featuring highly-optimized content and other elements that align with Google's preferences.

**Weeks 3-4:** Once these pages are live, we submit them to Google for indexing. Using our tracking software, we monitor their ascent to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Billing on a monthly basis only commences when your website ranks on Page 1 for at least 100+ of the keywords.

No long-term commitment required – you can cancel anytime.

**Month 2:** During the second month, we begin implementing on-page SEO strategies. This involves optimizing valuable SEO spaces on your website, ensuring full compliance with Google's best practices to enhance your visibility in search results.

**Months 3-5:** In the following months, we adopt a more aggressive stance toward search terms that benefit from content marketing. This includes keywords with higher competition or those driven by specific user intent. **Month 6+:** As we move forward, we analyze your site's metrics compared to when we started. This evaluation identifies fresh opportunities, areas that need enhancement, and where we can intensify our efforts. We then roll up our sleeves and get to work! At TopsGuarantee™, we're committed to delivering tangible results and ensuring that your SEO investment pays off.

"Wells Digital and their team changed our business... they saved us, and helped us grow."

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We use the latest in artificial intelligence tools to quickly analyze your website, identify areas of improvement, and develop a customized SEO strategy that fits your needs.

SEO Case Study

900% increase in website traffic for Tamarack Construction

Their current marketing efforts relied solely on increasingly expensive and underperforming paid ads.

They needed to keep their construction crews busy and outperform in a highly competitive local search market.

Our team was able to quickly fix technical SEO issues, identify untapped keyword opportunities, develop relevant content, and boost their rankings – FAST.
Increased website traffic from 4,00 users per month to over 4,000.

All crews were booked out for the remainder of the year.

Sales calls increased from 8 per month to over 500.

Don't let your competitors have all the search engine traffic.

SEO strategy tailored to your unique needs.

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